Project 12:31

Project 12:31 be sure to check out the process. In 1993 a convicted murderer was executed. His body was given to science, segmented and photographed for medical research. In 2011 they used photography to put it back together.

The External World

This animated short film by David O’Reilly is a roller coaster ride of poignant moments, trippy scenes, and humorous characters. All revolving around a boy learning to play the piano. Video embed below.

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Wade Showreel Packaging

Over at Wade I’ve shown an image sequence of how I made second-hand books into unique, one off showreel packaging. Go check it out and let me know what you think.

Creative use of scrolling in web design

Check out these vertical scrolling page websites. Whether a touch of HTML5, parallax illusion or just good design and layout, these sites show creative use of the web browser medium.


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OK GO – Kings of the one take

I just wanted to give a nod to the band OK GO. Over the past years they have proven to be leaders of the YouTube viral music clip. But to boot, they have taken a theme, a simple idea and and totally owned it through their innovation that it might even seem they invented it. All the following videos are ‘one take’ videos shot in one go without post production editing. To OK GO the kings of the ‘One Take’

Videos Embeds after the jump:
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Xbox Kinect Hacks, Take 2

Well the content for this topic was bound to expand which is why we titled the initial previous post “Best Xbox Kinect Hacks so far”

See how creative individuals have further hacked the Xbox Kinect system to produce some innovative results.

Video embeds below:
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Chris Scarborough

Chris Scarborough aka Scarboy is an artist from Nashville.

Adam Simpson

Adam Simpson fine illustrations and prints

Wade for PC Tools

At Wade Studios we recently completed an animated project for PC Tools.

Sean Freeman

Sean creates typography and illustrations that are visually tactile.

Romain Laurent Photography

Romain Laurent Photography. His personal work shines. His editorial work sings.

Portfolio updates

Here are some recent additions to my portfolio:

1. Submission to Australian INfront Visual Response Project

2. Moving image piece for The Silver Black Exhibition. Title: Silver Black Cycle Audio: Cypheraudio Director: Rhett Dashwood

Best Xbox Kinect Hacks so far

I’m sure this is just the first chapter, but there are some exciting things happening since the launch of Xbox Kinect. Artists, developers and engineers have started to get creative by modifying and hacking into the intended use of Kinect to do new and fun things.

Video embeds below:
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Colors and the kids

CATK is playing together in Berlin and focussing on creative solutions for life style, film, culture, art, fashion and music.

Kwon Kyung Yup Paintings

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