(Up)Rising Sonz

uprising_sonz_cover.jpg This book is a visual feast of the creative lives of a skater community that started in the streets of Japan. It’s images are raw and unrefined, but gives you a sense of energy defined by the urban landscape and the effects of the skaters within it. It’s a photo documentary of the free flowing creativity that has spawned from these skaters lives, which includes graff, tatts, illustration, light tags, and of course, skate boarding. The crew seems aptly summed up by the phrase on one page that reads “Beer, Friends, Retards, Love…”. The book is a collection of photos that serves as an interesting flip book inspirational view from a Japanese street level.


This pictorial travel diary shows skating as a catalyst for stylistic experimentation, which transcends boundaries, language barriers, cultural differences and physical distance. (UP)RISING SONZ! represents the full spectrum of generations that have influenced skate style, fashion, and street attitude, one of the main sources for the creative essence of Japanese city youth. Featuring multi-disciplinary artists with a strong do-it-yourself ethic, these skaters-turned-artists now boast legions of fans and their influence reaches the worlds of fashion, literature, film, and art.


(UP)Rising Sonz!
By Scott Kinsey and Mark Felt
Booth-Clibborn Editions (with distribution by Abrams)
304 pages, full-color illustrations throughout
ISBN: 978-1-86154-330-1

Link: uprisingsonz.com

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