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Logo design is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks in graphic design. Seemingly simple, The Logo becomes the indispensable face of companies and conveys the identity and philosophy of brands.

To quench your desire for many a logo, first there was Los Logos. Following not long after was Dos Logos. Now with Tres Logos it begs the question, do we need another book on logos? This book believes it expands on the previous versions by covering influences from illustration and street art.

I’m not particularly a subscriber to the logo design notion of ‘more is more’ outlined in this book. But whether I’m a subscriber or not, their is no denying that it is happening in the wider industry. If your clients business is all about bears riding lightning bolts on a shield surrounded by doves escaping extruded fire swirls, then kudos. But what I am in favor of is the idea that as the opportunities for small business and products to reach a larger audience than ever before eventuates over the net, so too do the opportunities increase for freelance designers and studios to have a healthy turnover of work. The corporate logo, or brand identity was not too long ago the niche of stuffy, all black clothed designers, with contractual business relationships to large corporations. But now the definition of a logo in design seems to be changing. It’s not just a minimalistic shape in the corner of a letterhead that is never to be touched or altered, it can now be bent and morphed into all manner of styles and applied to the exploding offering of independent products and services at the smaller end of the market, even adorning one off hand made stuffed toy monsters, you’ll be able to spot a variation of a logo uniquely made to represent an individual or product line.



The scope of the book is good and also does a good job of clumping themed logos into sections. I’m unable to judge Tres Logos side by side with the first two books (Los Logos and Dos Logos) but in itself it would serve as a good resource for current logo design trends.

Tres Logos edited by R. Klanten, N. Bourquin, T. Geiger
full colour, hardcover

508 pages, 24 x 19 cm
ISBN: 978-3-89955-158-7

See more at publisher Die Gestalten Verlag’s website

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