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Imagine picking up all the books no your bookshelf and arranging them, not in alphabetical order, but by the colour of the cover or dust jacket. This is just how Kelvin arranges a collection of graphic works within it’s own covers.

The book is not designed for the seeker of informative within the content, but rather for the visual treat which becomes apparent when gathering like colours together, and the random discoveries that unfold.


It’s a good book to pick up to see how a refinement of primary and secondary colours can be used to emphasize an idea or how colour, itself, can communicate a specific emotion.

The book contains a vast array of visual styles from typography to poster illustration to photography through to interior design. So regardless of colour, it is a very nice book to have in the resource pile to pull out for some random graphic design inspiration.


It’s interesting how a colour theme can influence the message as much as the graphic elements within the piece. In this book colour is the lead character rather than just part of the cast.

Editors: R. Klanten, B. Brumnjak
Format: 24 x 28 cm
Binding: 320 pages, special colour print, hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-89955-196-9


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