Blink PhotgraphyRecently released in paperback format, this cool blue cover of BLINK contains some very hot photographers. By seeing what this elite selection of photographers sees (or wants you to see) reveals to you an imaginative vacation to worlds you never knew existed but wished you had time for.

BLINK provides an up-to-the-minute, global overview of contemporary photography. BLINK contains the enormous breadth of ideas, forms and approaches influencing photography today. It covers all types of work, from art to photojournalism, fashion to digital photography.

A landmark event in the photography world, BLINK presents the work of 100 rising stars. They have been selected by 10 world class curators, each proposing 10 photographers who they consider to have emerged and broken new ground in the last five years. Each of the photographers (arranged A�Z) is featured over two double-page spreads, which show numerous examples of their work alongside an explanatory text by the selecting curator and biographical information about the photographer. The curators have also chosen texts by 10 writers, ranging from fiction to journalism, which they feel illustrate the cultural context surrounding the photography.

BLINK: 100 Photographers, 10 Curators, 10 Writers
published by Phaidon Press, distributed by Bookwise International, RRP AU$69.95 (including GST). Available now in good bookstores.


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