phaidon_area.jpgArea is an exhibition in a book dedicated to 100 of the most significant new graphic designers today. It brings together the curatorial input of ten distinguished design leaders from around the world, each asked to select their ten favorite “rising stars” – graphic designers who have emerged and broken new ground over the last five years. The curators are internationally respected teachers, practitioners, and art directors recognized not only for their work, but also for their active involvement in the current scene. Their choices are organized in an A to Z order with each designer’s work represented in four pages, along with an introductory text written by the selecting curator.”

The diverse selection of work is united by the extraordinarily high level of image making from many design names you may be unfamiliar with. Area is filled with great visual content, it’s difficult to flick to a random page and not find a gem! The web and motion graphics have been purposefully omitted from this collection, but nonetheless provides a valuable resource for every design driven industry.


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