What is Plurk?

I’ve been trying out Plurk for about a month now and thought I’d report how I’ve found it so far. Well, I’ve found it very sticky. I seemed to keep returning when I have nothing better to do, more-so than any other platform I’ve joined of late. So what is Plurk?

To the uninitiated, Plurk is a social micro-blogging platform much like twitter where you can post information as long as it’s under 140 characters (micro) on whatever topic you like (blogging) including your current status, what you’re doing, asking questions, making comments, etc. You then hook up with other users to follow their postings and leave comments (social).

It reminds me more of old skool web chatting than other available web 2.0 blogging services. It has the immediacy of easy joining and random posting without strings attached. Well except one big string, which Plurk calls Karma. Karma is Plurk’s way of ranking how you’re using the service, and if you are using it consistently and sociably, then your Karma score is increased which in turn unlocks some minor novelty features. It’s a clever way to get you using the site from the outset by encouraging you to build up your score, but Karma becomes less and less valuable the longer you use the site.

Anyway, it’s really quick and easy to start playing around with it yourself. You’ll get the idea much quicker than I can explain to you here.

I have no doubt I will leave this site in a few months once I realize a better way to use my spare time, but until then, see you on Plurk. Just quietly, I would prefer a vertical scrolling interface, but you do get used to scrolling horizontally.

My Plurk Page: plurk.com/user/rhett

Here is the official Plurk FAQ.

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Neslihan said,

July 11, 2008 @ 1:38 pm

I definitely have to agree with your impression of a rather “old skool web chatting”.
By the way this site hurts my eye. I suppose I keep on telling boring short stories on Twitter.

Will Ayers said,

July 11, 2008 @ 4:28 pm

I really like the scrolling time line but i think i will stick to twitter

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