The latest launch from Die Gestalten Verlag is now online!

Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv) proudly presents the launch of the new online store and platform for characters: Release The Freaks. Presenting an unparalleled collection of designer toys ranging from urban vinyl and plush to limited edition sculptures and objects created by the finest artists and designers from around the world, Release The Freaks is the premier destination for character art.

Release The Freaks offers a top-drawer selection of deviant creations from established artists and graphic designers as well as heroes from the Street scene. Giving the characters and their creators the center stage, Release The Freaks is dedicated to telling their stories. Every character has a story to tell and each story has an artist with a background to unveil. Featuring detailed information about the toys, designers and the fun-filled adventures each figure has experienced, the site also offers a 360-dgree view of the items available in the shop, making it entertaining and easier than ever to purchase character art online.

With a watchful eye on scene, dgv has always had fun in playing with characters. Remaining on the cutting edge of visual publishing, dgv has been documenting and translating the unceasing evolution of characters and designers toys in the bestselling Pictoplasma, Pictoplasma 2, Übersee – Puppet issue and the latest release, Dot Dot Dash! With the exposure and established relationship to the scene and its artists, the launch of Release The Freaks comes as a natural step. The personalities featured in these character compendiums are now brought to life on Release The Freaks, a virtual library showcasing the most innovative and sought-after toys, and now only a click away from becoming your new friend.

Curated by the esteemed editors of dgv, Release The Freaks sells and distributes select character art labels as well as handmade and limited edition art toys. Devoted to seeking out fresh, new products and designers, Release The Freaks offers a broad range of character art from Asia, the U.S. and Europe.

This is only the beginning, but some artists featured on include:
Sam Buxton, Gary Baseman, Bytedust, Mieke Driessen, FriendsWithYou, Pete Fowler, Natalia Gianinazzi, Dan Goodsell, Boris Hoppek, James Jarvis, Nathan Jurevicious, Patrick Ma, Mars-1, Maywa Denki, Emma Meggit, Tamar Moshkovitz, Nanospore, Shlomi Shillinger, Jason Siu, Superdeux, Will Sweeney, Ayako Takagi, Tokidoki and Jim Woodring.

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About the Publisher Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv):

“Die Gestalten” is a German double meaning both “the creatures” and “they design,” while “Verlag” means “publishing house.” Since Robert Klanten founded the company in Berlin in 1995, dgv has published more than 150 titles that document, present and anticipate vital currents in contemporary art and design. The publishing house singles out visionaries among the national and international graphic designers and artists with whom they have direct contact. They then translate their work into experimental yet professional publications, which are available in the world’s most important design centres including New York, London and Tokyo. Simultaneously user-oriented and inspirational, dgv’s releases are well respected and have found worldwide resonance not only amongst a professional agency and design audience, but also amongst the likes of students, architects, directors, trend scouts and anyone who concerns themselves with visual codes.

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