Koichiro Tsujikawa likes Cornelius

Cornelius – Fit Song is the hilight of Koichiro Tsujikawa’s year in music video collaboration with Cornelius.

Koichiro Tsujikawa
Born 1972. His working career began as a designer designing record covers in 1993. In 1997 his love of music continued as he directed visuals for on stage production at live performances. He then got into promotional videos for Cornelius, Fumiya Fujii, UA, and commercials.

In 2006 he has been a very busy boy. Besides FIT SONG he completed BEEP IT, BREEZIN’, GUM and MUSIC all for Cornelius.


In 2004 he was one of the chosen Directors to take part in GettyImages “Big Idea“, where makers take their pick from Getty Images content, film and stills, to create a powerful piece no longer than 60 seconds.

“EYES” 01:00 and then “The making of EYES”


Also in 2004 he completed a short film commissioned by Panasonic called UNTITLED. Here is a direct link to download the short (38mb mpeg) download. Is it a person running or a moving machine? It was filmed using Panasonic’s DVX100A digital video camera with 35mm film lenses attached.


Tsujikawa won best music video of 2002 at RESFEST’s Audience Music Choice Awards for “Drop (Do it Again)” also featuring music by Cornelius. Completed in 2001, it’s a video that uses droplets and streams of water to reflect the music. The clip won out over Traktor and Michel Gondry. The international win help gain him attention as a Japanese award-winning artist.

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