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The Attik

attik.jpgThinkers, creatives and exceptional individuals at every level, we are brand engineers. We guide and are guided by the big world. This is our small world.

Soon after graduating from Batley School of Art in 1986, Simon Needham and James Sommerville together founded ATTIK in their hometown of Huddersfield, England. With a grant from the Prince’s Trust and a good deal of ambition, James and Simon set up shop in an attic bedroom in the house of James’ grandmother – the very room the company would be named after. They bought themselves the then-revolutionary Apple Mac and set about evolving the design sensibility that would eventually gain them a trip to Buckingham Palace.


Sweet Creative

sweet_creative.jpgThey say – “At Sweet, we do things differently. We’re always expanding our creative thinking in new directions, so that every solution is unique.

Sweet offers a comprehensive design service, combining a wealth of knowledge and experience with the ability to bring a new approach to every creative brief we undertake.

We’re at our best when faced with a challenge. Every project is a new adventure, and as part of the creative community, we encourage collaborative relationships with both our clients and our colleagues.”


glassworks.jpgGlassworks provides digital animation and effects for the production of creative visual content – award winning commercials, music promos and immersive marketing tools – for clients around the world. The company is based in London’s Soho.

Glasswork’s expertise is built around a core team of specialists in computer animation, digital effects and compositing; supported by an in-house R&D department of software developers.



floto_warner.jpgAfter growing up in a small town in Nevada, Jeremy Floto now works with Cassandra Warner in New York city on photographic image making with clients including: Architectural Record, Metropolis, *Surface, CITY magazine, OMA-Rem Koolhaas, Herzog & de Meuron, 2×4, Frame, A+T, and POL/OXYGEN, among others.

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Projects Projects

projects_projects.jpgFounded in January 2004 by Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels, Project Projects focuses on print, environmental, and interactive design projects for clients in the cultural sector. In addition, the studio produces a range of independent projects, including lectures, publications, and events.

Prem Krishnamurthy studied graphic design and photography at Yale University and completed a Fulbright Fellowship in Germany. He then worked as a designer in Berlin, freelanced for The New York Times Magazine, and worked for several design studios in New York. He is an adjunct professor at the University of Connecticut, Storrs.

Before starting his own Brooklyn-based graphic design studio, Adam Michaels was the Associate Art Director of Architecture magazine in New York and worked for design studios in Minneapolis and Los Angeles. He studied graphic design at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.



radium.jpgFounded in 1996 by Creative Directors/Visual Effects Directors Jonathan Keeton and Simon Mowbray, Radium specializes in using technically elegant solutions to eliminate the gap between idea and execution. The San Francisco and Los Angeles studios work in tandem on projects, allowing Radium to assemble the right team of artists to strategize, execute and achieve the client’s vision.

Comprised of the best talent in the industry, Radium is home to artists with a diversity of background experience and the ability to work in many different mediums such as broadcast, film, television, live action and design.
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multistorey.jpgMultistorey is a London based design studio consisting of the core partnership of Harry Woodrow and Rhonda Drakeford, with designer Joe Harris.

They work across an unlimited range of media and industries, but the one element that is consistent throughout our work is the importance of ideas, coupled with quality of production.

Each project is approached as a new challenge which is reacted to in a wholly specific manner and above all as something to have fun with – to them a ‘house style’ is the polar opposite of creativity.

Touch and feel is an integral part of their work, and one which the cold confines of your monitor will never fully illustrate.


Motion Theory

motion_theory.jpgMotion Theory creates at the convergence of filmmaking, design, animation, and visual effects. The company’s live-action directors, designers, animators, and artists shepherd projects from concept development through final delivery, fostering in-depth creative partnerships with clients, and resulting in a wide range of memorable, inventive work.



neighbor.jpgNeighbor was formed as the ideal interface between creative impulse and client’s needs. Firmly grounded in process, they emphasize the understanding of environments and materials, as well as respecting the need for clarity in information design and the balance of form versus function.

Small and focused, neighbor affords closer communication with clients, and also allows better control over both creative and production processes.



saturday.jpgSaturday is a design agency offering graphic design and art direction from concept through to execution. Founded in 2003 by Erik Torstensson and Jens Grede, the agency is situated in London and comprises a team of art directors, designers, project managers and strategists.

Projects range from graphic, packaging and editorial design to art direction and advertising for the fashion, fragrance and media industry.



suburbia.jpgLee Swillingham and Stuart Spalding’s arrival at The Face in 1992 signalled a new era in the magazine’s history. They championed a new generation of photographers and reinvigorated the graphic design of the magazine, the influence of which can still be seen today. During this time, they were increasingly asked to work on outside projects in the fashion and music industries. After leaving The Face, they founded a design practice, Suburbia in 2000 and have subsequently produced consistently creative work for a wide variety of clients.



tonic.jpgAn independent design company with a fresh approach to the creation and development of brands.

Their work is based on intelligent design principles, original creative thinking and high-quality production values. They apply that approach across a range of printed and digital media, bringing the same insight and attention-to-detail to both.



shilo.jpgShilo is a collective of designers, animators, and directors who share a common obsession to forge a new perspective in storytelling. Creating compelling work, both client-driven and personal, Shilo strives to not only push the boundaries of contemporary motion graphics and direction, but also strike a nerve in an ever-numbing audience. Combining live action, 3d, classic typography, illustration, music and sound design. Shilo creates projects with boundless emotional impact.



a52.jpgSince 1997, a52 have contributed award-winning visual effects and design to the internation broadcast community.

Home to some of the industry’s most talented artists, the studio has created award winning visual effects through the seamless integration of 2D and photoreal CGI.




logan.jpgLogan is a design and production company based in Los Angeles, established by Alexi Tylevich and Ben Conrad, the company has developed progressive and tight moving image works for music video, commercials, and advertising.

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