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Village Green

Village Green is a creative studio and workshop; a place for ideas and industry.

We are designers whose disciplines include branding, graphic art, image making, art direction and moving image. Our approach combines intuition, innovation and research underpinned by clear ideas and meticulous executions. We work in fashion, arts, music, sports, advertising, print design and interactive design.

Morse Studio

Morse Studio is a London-based design practice.

Qube Konstrukt

Qube Konstrukt has a knack for creating tactile dimensional design work both virtually and physically. You can see the how their motion work informs their print design work and vice versa. They are based in Melbourne, Australia.

Neighbour UK

Neighbour are based in London and do Art direction, Design, Brand Identity, and Advertising.


Hvass&Hannibal is a design and art studio based in Copenhagen, established in 2006 by Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass. We work with art and design – basically everything from album covers to music videos, graphic art, silkscreening, art direction, illustration, installation and lots more…

Cornwell Design

Cornwell is still kicking goals in my book. This Melbourne based creative agency has been crafting brands for over a decade.

At Cornwell we foster a culture of creativity. Creative thinking and innovation is intrinsic to our process from inception to completion. Our essence and brand values govern and guide our teams to ensure our clients receive a high level of thinking from reception to CEO.


Company is a design studio based in London.

Our focus is to work on visual identity projects. We like the journey they take, and enjoy developing concepts which work on various media; printed and digital. However we like all forms of graphic design including books, posters, animation and multimedia.


Well, Laundry! motion graphics certainly are the cool.

Studio Output


Studio Output has just updated their website with loads of new projects, for clients including BBC 1Xtra, Ministry of Sound, BBC Sport and JuSt Another Rich Kid.

Eskimo Design


From a rooftop studio in Sydney, Eskimo specializes in art directing, designing and developing brands



Specializing in design driven creative, Buck’s directors and artist use animation, visual effects and live action to collaborate with clients, from concept to delivery, producing work that is visceral, innovative and diverse.



The creative photographer unit of Zoren Gold and Minori started their collaboration in 2000. Zoren and Minori explore the free form of photographic expression. Their shared curiosity of “how to push the boundary of photography” as an image creation, has lead them to start mixing photography with other mediums such as drawing, collage, hand-made props and computer graphics.


Dowling Design


Dowling Design & Art Direction is an independent consultancy inspired by the art and craft of design. “We work closely with our clients to achieve solutions that are appropriate and engaging.”

Mac Guff

guff.jpgMac Guff is an award winning digital production studio dedicated to the design and execution of cutting edge visual effects and character animation.

Mac Guff in essence is a rare and special place: where collaborative diversity becomes a catalyst for creation; where the overall talent exceeds the sum of the individuals, and a place where creative minds are comfortable to share their visions and to develop their concepts.


The Attik

attik.jpgThinkers, creatives and exceptional individuals at every level, we are brand engineers. We guide and are guided by the big world. This is our small world.

Soon after graduating from Batley School of Art in 1986, Simon Needham and James Sommerville together founded ATTIK in their hometown of Huddersfield, England. With a grant from the Prince’s Trust and a good deal of ambition, James and Simon set up shop in an attic bedroom in the house of James’ grandmother – the very room the company would be named after. They bought themselves the then-revolutionary Apple Mac and set about evolving the design sensibility that would eventually gain them a trip to Buckingham Palace.


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