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Blink PhotgraphyRecently released in paperback format, this cool blue cover of BLINK contains some very hot photographers. By seeing what this elite selection of photographers sees (or wants you to see) reveals to you an imaginative vacation to worlds you never knew existed but wished you had time for.

BLINK provides an up-to-the-minute, global overview of contemporary photography. BLINK contains the enormous breadth of ideas, forms and approaches influencing photography today. It covers all types of work, from art to photojournalism, fashion to digital photography. Read the rest of this entry »

The Drama Magazine

the drama magazineThe Drama Magazine, based out of Virginia, is self-published four times a year and features the work, thoughts, and collaborations of emerging artists, and designers. They “strive to provide an honest and unique perspective on the rapidly blossoming world of underground art.” And, in the tradition of underground zines, has healthy mix of raw, unafraid imagery and content copy

Issue 3 (current at time of review) revolves around True Love and features interviews and original work by ten creative couples, including Ben & Renee Loiz (typevsm), Dustin Amery Hostetler & Jemma Gura (purpastoe), and Michael & Laura Leon (Commonwealth Stacks)



4 words illustration artPublished and distributed by the artists themselves is the jammed packed art book 4Words. This 150 page book chronicles the work of San Francisco artists Mars, Damon Soule, Nome Edonna, and David Lee. Full of color reproductions, this book highlights some of the most progressive artists on the scene in San Francisco today. Included with each book is a full size blank sketch book scattered with several sketches by each artist.

Available at the following online stores:,, and further links of images found at



phaidon_area.jpgArea is an exhibition in a book dedicated to 100 of the most significant new graphic designers today. It brings together the curatorial input of ten distinguished design leaders from around the world, each asked to select their ten favorite “rising stars” – graphic designers who have emerged and broken new ground over the last five years. The curators are internationally respected teachers, practitioners, and art directors recognized not only for their work, but also for their active involvement in the current scene. Their choices are organized in an A to Z order with each designer’s work represented in four pages, along with an introductory text written by the selecting curator.”

The diverse selection of work is united by the extraordinarily high level of image making from many design names you may be unfamiliar with. Area is filled with great visual content, it’s difficult to flick to a random page and not find a gem! The web and motion graphics have been purposefully omitted from this collection, but nonetheless provides a valuable resource for every design driven industry.


All I Can Give You Is Everything

all i can give designI felt privileged to receive one of one hundred copies of All I Can Give You Is Everything by Nathan Nedorostek. Lovingly hand bound, the book contains black and white design and artworks by Nate, inclusive of font “LavaDome” on CD. Check out his works further at or further book images at


G.T.F. How does digital technology affect you?

graphic_thought_facility.jpgThis succinct book is an exploration of the ideas, themes and solutions that re-occur in the work of graphic designers Paul Neale and Andrew Stevens. It is a privileged insight to a career long survey of work by G.T.F.

It is compact and refreshing, providing a snapshot of inspiration.

Text and captions are contained in a seperate booklet. This relates to the book, which is a series of photographic captures of their works laid out on the studio floor.


Büro Destruct 2

buro_deconstruct.jpgThe second installment from this Swiss design collective (4 years since the first). A refreshing collection, providing an in-depth peek at the collective’s experiments, work methods and background through a number of case studies. Internal projects like Typedifferent, the Los Logos website, Büro Discotec, Büro Discount and Rainbow featured throughout.

View a full Book Preview

Graphic Design for the 21st Century

gd_for21c.jpgPublished by Taschen, this book does indeed present a sweeping look at today’s progressive graphic currents. I was suprised and pleased with the list of 100 leading graphic designers that made the cut from around the globe. It’s a bit of a mixed bag of the works included, from web to branding to packaging, but of the many influences and styles presented the quality is impressive. (I also found it a very interesting read, especially each designers view on the future of graphic design)

A great resource of contemporary designers and works. For further info and images, go here: Graphic Design for the 21st Century

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