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Love Song by Non-Format

love-song-non-format.jpgLet me take this time to gush over with praise this new book by Non-Format. I’ve featured the studio several times before and mentioned them as an ever-green favourite, but to have a printed collection of their work in my hot little hands, well, happy days.

Non-Format is a London based design studio that has garnered a reputation for creating stunning design and illustration work. Much of which has been in the music industry for sleeve design and magazine design such as The Wire. They have a simple and clear aesthetic where the house style seems to be striking visual ideas that penetrates through the average.

In addition to their best project work for clients from the music, fashion and advertising industries as well as for culture and the arts, Non-Format also contains original work that was created exclusively for the book.

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Area 2

area2.jpgArea 2 follows on from the success and format of the first book Area. This design resource has been collated by 10 of the worlds top designers and critics with each selecting 10 influential graphic designers, to in total feature 100 contemporary graphic designers from around the world. Before even opening, the book cover is noticeably tactile. You just want to cradle it in your lap and caress the firmly bound material overlay. But after opening the cover it becomes clear that the quality book design itself is a statement to the collection of quality works contained within. The one hundred designers have been organised alphabetically, and each one was given four pages to showcase their work. The book’s grid-less, open layout lets the images speak for themselves. It’s a cornerstone book to any graphic designers library collection.

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(Up)Rising Sonz

uprising_sonz_cover.jpg This book is a visual feast of the creative lives of a skater community that started in the streets of Japan. It’s images are raw and unrefined, but gives you a sense of energy defined by the urban landscape and the effects of the skaters within it. It’s a photo documentary of the free flowing creativity that has spawned from these skaters lives, which includes graff, tatts, illustration, light tags, and of course, skate boarding. The crew seems aptly summed up by the phrase on one page that reads “Beer, Friends, Retards, Love…”. The book is a collection of photos that serves as an interesting flip book inspirational view from a Japanese street level.

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REVISIONARIES: A Decade of Art in Tokion


From streetwalls to T-shirts, sneakers, and toys, the works of these artists are instantly recognizable and are defining today’s aesthetic. The book is organized into three sections: graphic arts, folk art, and psychedelia, and includes introductory bios and interviews with such artist as Shepard Fairey, Geoff McFetridge, Ryan McGinness, Swoon, and Jeremy Blake.

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Kelvin – Colour Today


Imagine picking up all the books no your bookshelf and arranging them, not in alphabetical order, but by the colour of the cover or dust jacket. This is just how Kelvin arranges a collection of graphic works within it’s own covers.

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Well yes, NeoGeo is different, very different. I guess that’s why it’s labeled “A new edge to abstraction”.

Within the covers of NeoGeo can be found bold and striking use of colour and shapes on packaging, posters, interiors, brochures and more. This book is a showcase of how the basic building blocks of art and design can be used to eye popping dramatic effect. At best this book pushes the boundaries of modern abstraction with a contemporary edge coupled with intrigue. But, at times, some of the works are a mess of primitive shapes clumped together destined to age quickly as a fad.

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Furnish – Furniture and Interior Design for the 21st Century

furnish.jpgThis book is not for the conservative interior designer. This collection is plush, progressive, future, fun, make-shift, and a mesh of ideas to push your concept of furniture.

“Furnish presents furniture and rooms that are redefining our current understanding of furnishings and interior design. The book documents and puts into context recent work by designers, artists and architects who are creating and using furniture in pioneering ways. The experimental objects and spaces documented in Furnish are not only a sure indicator of the trends that will be influencing interiors for the next few years, but they also serve as innovative examples of interdisciplinary design work that are inspiring for anyone working creatively.”

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Eulogy for Marissa Cooper


The next in the DIY zine promo is Eulogy for Marissa Cooper. Explained as “an unconventional exploration of the grieving process. A personal relationship between two individuals unfolds to reveal that there was really only one person to begin with.”

It basically shows a long haired lout holding people and, at times things, in his arms. To me, he is sharing fun experiences with others that seems far more poignant than typing away at a blog. In the end, he is holding up a person most important indeed.
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Farewell Books is launched! The first release is MÃ¥rten Lange’s Woodland, a 44-page booklet about the chaotic beauty of nature, the beautiful nature
of chaos and, possibly, the natural chaos of beauty.

The laser printing doesn’t quite do justice to the detail that may have been found in the delicate woodland photography, but I do encourage and promote the DIY zine spirit, and always love getting lovingly crafted works in the mail.
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Dot Dot Dash!


Dot Dot Dash! is brought to you by the editors of Pictoplasma and Pictoplasma 2. Expanding on the widely popular subject of contemporary character design, and focusing on their transformation to Designer Toys, Action Figures and Character Art.

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Tres Logos


Logo design is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks in graphic design. Seemingly simple, The Logo becomes the indispensable face of companies and conveys the identity and philosophy of brands.

To quench your desire for many a logo, first there was Los Logos. Following not long after was Dos Logos. Now with Tres Logos it begs the question, do we need another book on logos? This book believes it expands on the previous versions by covering influences from illustration and street art.
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yokoland graphic designYoung Norwegian designers Aslak Gurholt Rønsen and Espen Friberg, who have been collaborating on projects since they met in high school at the age of 16, inhabit Yokoland. Together they create design, illustration and art that are idyllic, humorous and poetic without ever being mawkish some of which has been featured in Hidden Track. Being one of the most inventive design studios of today, Yokoland skillfully blends their Scandinavian approach to design into their work melding elegant humor and human touch, exploring new ways of creating graphic design solutions to stunning effect.

This book takes you on their adventures and features the best of Yokoland’s work containing a range of their as yet relatively unknown work that brings different styles and surprising contrasts in a highly original way. Yokoland’s distinctive design can be aptly summarized by their record label’s company slogan: “We’re so underground that we’re almost in China”. Read the rest of this entry »

Disorder in Progress

disorder in progress graphic design bookFollowing on the success of Brasil Inspired, Disorder in Progress digs deeper into Brazil to present a compelling overview of the diversity and vigor of Brazilian visual culture. Brazil is a country of incomparable cultural diversity and brash contradictions. While Brasil Inspired featured vivid inspirations of Brazil, Disorder in Progress shows the mixed reality and adopts the motto of the national flag “Ordem e Progresso”.

Initiated by Brazilian designer Nando Costa (editor of Brasil Inspired and a key contemporary Brazilian designer) this book compiles original works by both unknown and internationally renowned designers. Violence, hardship and national tensions ranging from bureaucracy to large scale political corruption all conspire to provide a complex raw material. The work showcased in Disorder in Progress is simultaneously exquisite, refined, polished, attractive, elegant, fine, subtle and striking. Read the rest of this entry »

Drip-dry shirts – The evolution of the graphic designer

drip dry shirts, the evolution of the graphic designerBefore the Second World War the term graphic design didn’t even exist. Dripdry Shirts: The Evolution of the Graphic Designer celebrates the work of those pioneers who created this now familiar term. It contains the work of some of the most established and most innovative designers. A series of highly illustrated interviews with designers such as Ken Garland, Wim Crouwel, Milton Glaser, Karl Gerstner and Rosmarie Tissi place their work in historical and personal contexts as each designer reflects on their formative years and long careers. This is a book rich in anecdotes and observations as, free of many of the insecurities of youth, these designers speak honestly about what it was like to make design history.
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