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Bindi Booth

Illustration by Bindi Booth

Vellas & Laga

Ex lobo, now a duo of Vellas & Laga doing animation work.

Benjamin Ducroz

A kaleidoscope of colour and movement in stop motion and computer graphics from Benjamin Ducroz

Julia Trotti

Eighteen year old photographer from Oz. Julia Trotti

Ant shoe illustration

Ant is an Australian illustrator living in Tokyo. Taking orders for custom Converse shoe design


Pekka illustration agency from finland


Frankenstyles update with illustration that’s frank with styles

Shop Von

Shop Von is now open. Original illustrations and prints for sale by HelloVon


A classic gallery of letterheads

Ryan Van Kesteren

I was impressed by the portfolio of this student Ryan Van Kesteren

Luiz Risi

Luiz Risi is a talented art director and illustrator

MTV Móvel

Nice fluid 2D animation style for MTV Móvel

Theo Gennitsakis

Theo Gennitsakis has a nice geometric grainy illustrative style

Tronic Studio

Tronic relaunched their website with new work and an area for experimental design and new media.

instrumental video nine

3D music making machine from beeple, what’ not to like.

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