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Daniel Mackie

Water colour illustrations by Daniel Mackie. Nice distortions, detail and colour.

FutureDeluxe Showreel

Great graphic motion reel from FutureDeluxe

Magnus short cgi film

With students like these, who needs professionals? GCI short film An old train travels through a landscape.

Carrot vs Ninja

Cedric Nicolas Troyan has completed a short film called Carrot vs Ninja with character design by The Mill

Ben Drury

About time you had a website Ben Drury you classic UK music and culture designer


Touch wood video installation in the forest

Charlie Wan

Emotive sensibility to colour and light in photography by Charlie Wan

Agencia Loco

My friend John is a copywriter with the best self promo video ever: Agencia Loco

Toch TV

Toch motion design from Spain

The Limousines

The Limousines by Mathieu Wothke. A video that looks like the making of a video.

Pierre Dal Corso photography

Gorgeous photography from Pierre Dal Corso

Mr Blanc

Mr Blanc has interviews and pics from the mind of photographer Cory White


Marque is a branding consultancy with a contemporary view of the world who work collectively across studios


The 12 visuals for the SHIFT 2011 CALENDAR are selected

Walls are dancing

Walls are dancing by artist MWM

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