What is a Tumblr?


When the new year is still fresh, I like to explore and experiment with new things around the web. My discovery and pick for the biggest web app growth this year would have to be Tumblr. Although Tumblr has been released for a little while, and the concept of keeping tumbelogs is not totally new, there’s a few reasons I wanted to give it an overview.

– it’s easy
– it has recently had a number of enhancements
– it’s fun!
– I’ve definitely found myself regularly tumbling,
– the user-base is rapidly growing
– and a cash injection hasn’t hurt.

So what is a tumblelog? Well as tumblr.com puts it “Post anything + Customize everything. Tumblelogs are the easiest way to share yourself”, and when they say easy they mean it. Others have described it as micro blogging and it’s competitors would be twitter, pownce, soup. But it’s probably closer to digital scrap-booking or a mind dumping sequence of links, photos, videos, quotes and text. In essence, when all is said and done it is really just a very simple structured blog, and that’s where the addiction lies, in its simplicity. Even the newest of newbie to tumblr will feel like a pro in no time.


Features include
– social aspect, you can follow other tumblelogs easily
– simple feed / rss integration
– domain mapping (use your own domain)
– reblogging (repost other blog post instantly)
– easy customization of themes

If I’ve encouraged you enough to sign up to Tumblr then you might also want to follow my accounts and we’ll continue the experiment together (to see if it last longer than the usual fad)

My personal tumblelog is here

Heavy Backpack Feed can be found here (it’s a direct feed from heavy-backpack.com ported into tumblr.com)

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David said,

January 30, 2008 @ 10:48 pm

Awesome! Definitely some inspiration for a sit I am workin on! Joined right away.

Werner Gottschlich said,

May 8, 2011 @ 11:15 am

Thank you fpr sharing this, you have convinced me to ake a trial.
Can you tell me, whether there is german content allowed? It´s not ansolutely neccessary, but you can see my english here.

barry said,

June 22, 2012 @ 5:30 pm

My Question is simple. How does Tumblr make any money, how is it financed.

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