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Portfolio updates

Here are some recent additions to my portfolio:

1. Submission to Australian INfront Visual Response Project

2. Moving image piece for The Silver Black Exhibition. Title: Silver Black Cycle Audio: Cypheraudio Director: Rhett Dashwood

Pierre Dal Corso photography

Gorgeous photography from Pierre Dal Corso

Best Xbox Kinect Hacks so far

I’m sure this is just the first chapter, but there are some exciting things happening since the launch of Xbox Kinect. Artists, developers and engineers have started to get creative by modifying and hacking into the intended use of Kinect to do new and fun things.

Video embeds below:
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Mr Blanc

Mr Blanc has interviews and pics from the mind of photographer Cory White

Colors and the kids

CATK is playing together in Berlin and focussing on creative solutions for life style, film, culture, art, fashion and music.


Marque is a branding consultancy with a contemporary view of the world who work collectively across studios