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Facet Illustrations

I’ve been working on some illustrations which seem to have grown to a series I’m calling Facet. Check them out on my folio page.

Keller Maurer Design

Keller Maurer Design is a graphic design consultancy based in Munich and run by Martina Keller and Marcus Maurer.

Shorts for Burn

Agency Publicis Mojo and Exit Films have released a set of short films for Coca Cola’s Burn Energy drink.


HEYDAYS – Design & Direction based in Oslo

At-AT Day Afternoon

A great mixture and execution to show a day in the life of an urban AT-AT. Plus below is a short and sweet behind the scenes video that helps you understand the process that went into making a short that appears to natural and whimsical.

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Big Bang Big Boom

Big Bang Big Boom. Wow, so much paint, so much time, and so much talent. Another epic (9:30 minutes) stop motion piece from BLU.

Vellas & Laga

Ex lobo, now a duo of Vellas & Laga doing animation work.

OFFF Titles

As well as showcasing some great talent, it looks like OFFF (International Festival for the Post-Digital Creative Culture) also created some.

OFFF Opening Titles

OFFF Sponsor titles

Benjamin Ducroz

A kaleidoscope of colour and movement in stop motion and computer graphics from Benjamin Ducroz