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Borja Bonaque

Retro design structures from Borja Bonaque

Scroll Clock

Scroll Clock

My folio updates

I just wanted to show off a couple of recent additions to my folio.

1. Song: Black Bones by Teenagersintokyo Director: Rhett Dashwood

2. Title: Mite Music: Cypheraudio Director: Rhett Dashwood

Morse Studio

Morse Studio is a London-based design practice.

Killing Ideas by Scott C

Great set of illustrations with the idea of “Killing the idea” taken from an ad campaign for Show Off in Portugal. From Scott C

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Take a loot at this example of custom poster ads perfect for your inspiration.

Mobile Evolution

Check out Kyle Bean and his Mobile Evolution. It is like a Russian nesting dolls concept for the lineage of mobile phones past and present. Outstanding!

Jin Young Yu

The art sculptures of Korean artist Jin Young Yu are hauntingly beautiful.

Qube Konstrukt

Qube Konstrukt has a knack for creating tactile dimensional design work both virtually and physically. You can see the how their motion work informs their print design work and vice versa. They are based in Melbourne, Australia.