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The first six films from PSST!3 are online to watch

Walter Robot – Death Cab for Cutie

Walter Robot has directed a new music promo for Death Cab for Cutie.

“I have been an admirer of the beautiful art of Walter Robot from afar for a while, ” says Death Cab bassist Nick Harmer. “Working with them on this video is an amazing dream come true and I am in awe of the stunning video they have made for us.”

Rhett on Twitter

Ok, i don’t know why, but Twitter has been getting some massive exposure over here in Australia for the last few months. I put it down to the incestuous whoring of information between research lacking media channels (That’s an example of a Twitter rant right there). So when I hear it mentioned on breakfast TV it makes me feel like it has jumped the shark but I guess the average person would just see it as hitting the mainstream.

I’ve been on it for over a year now and it’s still a difficult question to answer when someone asks, “So what is Twitter”. There are many sites and videos dedicated to that sole question. But I think, “Twitter in plain english” is by far the best video explanation if you want to know what it is basically about.

Here is my Twitter page if you are interested in following my rants:

Renascent on Cargo

Renascent updates his portfolio. Along with many other talented artist getting onto the Cargo Platform (still in beta)

100 Free Useful Apps for Mac

100 Free Useful Apps for Mac. You might find something you find useful.

Stem Agency

The Stem Agency have some solid talent on their roster.

Folio updates

Designer Rob Cordiner updates his folio, Photographer Pawel Fabjanski updates his portfolio, and also McFaul Studio updates

Central Illustration

This illustration agency has so many talented illustrators on it’s books. Central Agency will eat most of my day up just browsing. They have also released new prints in their shop.

Please Say Something

This animated short ‘Please Say Something‘ is about a troubled relationship between a Cat and Mouse set in the distant Future. A wonderfully fresh style of illustration and storytelling by David OReilly, combined to great effect.

Hard Format

Hard Format is a little place set up to celebrate love of brilliant music-related design