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Harrington meets Arkitip

Steven Harrington from Arkitip, Inc. on Vimeo.

Nice behind the scenes video of how (and where) Stephen works. For his new product range at Arkitip

Benoit Lemoine

graphic design portfolio of Benoit Lemoine

Lucas Kazakevicius

Portfolio of Lucas Kazakevicius, a 19 year old living in Brazil as a 3d generalist / VFX

Nexus for Friendly Fires

Nexus Productions did a new music vid for Friendly Fires. Everything was done in-camera with thousands of bean-bag balls and some leaf blowers

Spike Hibberd

Spike Hibberd‘s Flash portfolio is quite clunky (fullscreen window warning), but contains some great graphic design works

Louis Beaudoin

Louis Beaudoin is a graphic designer from Montreal, Canada (currently looking for work)

Anthony Hurd

Anthony Hurd is a freelance / contract artist, director, illustrator, designer, animator, living in the Palm Springs California

Netdiver’s Best of 2008

Netdiver Magazine has listed it’s best of 2008 sites

Siggi Eggertsson

Illustrator Siggi Eggertsson was born in a small town off the North Coast of Iceland, but has moved on to work with the likes of Karlssonwilker in New York and Big Active in London.

Andrew Holder Illustration

Nice isometric illustrative style from Andrew Holder


Check out the self promotional piece “In Motion” along with other great motion works from 21.19