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Robocop on a Unicorn

Robocop on a Unicorn is the latest meme doing the rounds (yes, you heard me) updated link

Axel Peemöller Design

Axel Peemöller – “In the past i have developed and designed way-finding systems, books, brochures, magazines, annuals, icons, typefaces, corporate identities, photoshootings, enviromental graphics, posters, retail stores…”

Gemma Booth Photography

Gemma Booth Photography, site by Yes


12 visuals have been selected for SHIFT 2009 CALENDAR

Prologue updates

Long standing hot house for merging outstanding film & design, Prologue update their impressive film and broadcast portfolio

Mark Rubenstein available

Mark Rubenstein is in LA and looking for work

Richard Sarson updates

Nice intro movie to an updated Richard Sarson folio. (you do realize computers exist, Richard?)

Michael Paul Young relaunch

Michael Paul Young relaunches his personal portfolio

Copy Paste Character

I bet you you’ve wanted a site like this at sometime in your past, Copy & Paste the characters you need

Soap Creative Reel

Soap Creative release a reel of their work

Wario Shake It

I don’t usually post online ads, but this for Wario on the Wii is as good as it gets.

BobbyPola Illustrations

Some say he is a friendly guy with an afro, others say he is a talented freelance designer. Bobby makes illustrations, animations & other outbursts of creativity

Florian Bayer Illustration

Illustrator Florian Bayer has had his first book released


Motherland from NY have a nice motion reel

Simon Griffin Design

Simple and solid design folio of Simon Griffin

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