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Renascent updates

Renascent creates titles for short film Born That Way, his folio is always worth checking out.

This Way Up animated short

Here’s a trailer for This Way Up a short by Nexus Productions, who also were the production co for this short Damaged Goods

Photoshop CS4 released

Photoshop CS4 has been released, some new features outlined here

Lee Towndrow Photography

Lee Towndrow Photography

Shen Plum illustrations

Whimsical drawings and illustrations of Shen Plum

Mofresh motion

Mofresh is a duo from New Zealand doing motion graphics and music vids

Suddenly a photo motion short

Suddenly is a short photographic motion piece made after a time of mental angst from Magnus Engsfors

Spelling is DUM

Take it from Ed Rondthaler – Founder of Photo-Lettering Inc, English spelling is D.U.M.B

Well Hello Von

Von updates his showcase of unique illustration and drawing

SHIFT Entries

Last minute calls for SHIFT Calendar and DOTMOV entries

Amazing Tree House illustration

Amazing Tree House Illustrations (not actual illustrations of tree houses, sorry)

Nathan Manire illustrator

Check out the portrait series of illustrations by Nathan Manire


Toko relocates to Sydney

Test your color IQ

Test your color IQ


I never heard of an ILLUSTRATIVE Art Festival before (together with a Young Illustrator’s Award competition)