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Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne

Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne lives and works in London. He has an eclectic graphic folio.

What is Plurk?

I’ve been trying out Plurk for about a month now and thought I’d report how I’ve found it so far. Well, I’ve found it very sticky. I seemed to keep returning when I have nothing better to do, more-so than any other platform I’ve joined of late. So what is Plurk?

To the uninitiated, Plurk is a social micro-blogging platform much like twitter where you can post information as long as it’s under 140 characters (micro) on whatever topic you like (blogging) including your current status, what you’re doing, asking questions, making comments, etc. You then hook up with other users to follow their postings and leave comments (social).

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Area 2

area2.jpgArea 2 follows on from the success and format of the first book Area. This design resource has been collated by 10 of the worlds top designers and critics with each selecting 10 influential graphic designers, to in total feature 100 contemporary graphic designers from around the world. Before even opening, the book cover is noticeably tactile. You just want to cradle it in your lap and caress the firmly bound material overlay. But after opening the cover it becomes clear that the quality book design itself is a statement to the collection of quality works contained within. The one hundred designers have been organised alphabetically, and each one was given four pages to showcase their work. The book’s grid-less, open layout lets the images speak for themselves. It’s a cornerstone book to any graphic designers library collection.

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Philip Shtoll reel

Philip Shtoll‘s film and motion reel via guillermo

Grow Design Work Reel

Motion Design Reel from Bran Dougherty-Johnson

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