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Build updates

new graphic design works by Build

Sébastien Cannone

His name is Sébastien Cannone. He’s a french Art Director with wonderful graphic infused action in the showreel.

Anthony Kolber

Anthony Kolber is a Melbourne Graphic Designer


Motion design folio of WEAREOM


Andreas (Suprb) Pihlström has updated his folio of digital design and 3D works

Elisabeth Moch updates

updates of the beautiful illustration folio of Elisabeth Moch

Brosmind Studio

Brosmind Studio is brothers Alejandro and Juan Mingarro from Spain have a great collection of illustration and design works

Peter Sunna design and art direction

updates by Peter Sunna design and art direction

Upcoming Redesign Concepts


What is Upcoming?
Upcoming is a community for discovering and sharing events. It can help you find stuff to do, discover what your friends are doing, or let you keep private events online for your own reference.

Project Background
I was first approached to redesign Upcoming by founder Andy Baio (Waxy) back in June 2007. Andy was made aware of my work via a CNN redesign article I had written. Andy’s initial brief to me was concise and informed. He gave me an open brief, to use all the existing content on Upcoming, and redesign the site how I saw fit. Now this is the type of brief I like, because for a client to approach with this attitude means they have an understanding and respect for my design ability (usually demonstrated by past projects). Although this, by no means, means that I do whatever I feel like doing, it means I have a brief which is open enough to do what I believe is best for the website or brand. There is a difference.

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End Communications

Very professional design porfolio from End Communications


SHIFT just started calling for entries for this year’s DOTMOV and CALENDAR competition

Jesper Bentzen ANOVA

Jesper Bentzen is behind ANOVA, a one man design studio who has just moved into the field of motion.

Zeptonn Freedrawings

Illustrative designer Zeptonn has just released his self-published new book Black & White Freedrawings

(Up)Rising Sonz

uprising_sonz_cover.jpg This book is a visual feast of the creative lives of a skater community that started in the streets of Japan. It’s images are raw and unrefined, but gives you a sense of energy defined by the urban landscape and the effects of the skaters within it. It’s a photo documentary of the free flowing creativity that has spawned from these skaters lives, which includes graff, tatts, illustration, light tags, and of course, skate boarding. The crew seems aptly summed up by the phrase on one page that reads “Beer, Friends, Retards, Love…”. The book is a collection of photos that serves as an interesting flip book inspirational view from a Japanese street level.

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Company is a design studio based in London.

Our focus is to work on visual identity projects. We like the journey they take, and enjoy developing concepts which work on various media; printed and digital. However we like all forms of graphic design including books, posters, animation and multimedia.

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