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Molho Maxhaus

Brazilian agency W/Brasil commissioned Molho to conceive a two-minute free-form piece keeping in mind the concepts of habitat, diversity, living, and taste for Maxhaus, a Brazilian brand specializing in modular, custom lofts. Molho is a studio based in Sao Paulo, led by creative director Marcelo Garcia.

Nazario Graziano

Nazario Graziano, italian AD, graphic designer and

Colors and the kids

Colors and the kids, design and illustration website launch

Ruben LP illustration

Ruben LP has a nice flowing illustrative style

Jackson Chang Design

Jackson Chang have a slick folio of corporate and event promotions

Matt Luckhurst

Matt Luckhurst is a graduate of Design at the Alberta College of Art and Design

Son of Tam updates

Son of Tam portfolio updates

REVISIONARIES: A Decade of Art in Tokion


From streetwalls to T-shirts, sneakers, and toys, the works of these artists are instantly recognizable and are defining today’s aesthetic. The book is organized into three sections: graphic arts, folk art, and psychedelia, and includes introductory bios and interviews with such artist as Shepard Fairey, Geoff McFetridge, Ryan McGinness, Swoon, and Jeremy Blake.

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Johan Lorbeer levitating

Johan Lorbeer is a performance artist. Everyone loves a good levitation. More pics here and also a bit of a revelation at the end of the page.

Rasmus Norlander photography

Photography by Swedish Rasmus Norlander

Stephen Kelleher

face1.jpgName: Stephen Kelleher
What: Art Direction, Design & Illustration
Company: Freelance
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Born: 10.03.80
Looking at: Charley Harper – An Illustrated Life
Listening to: Gary Wilson, Sun Kil Moon, John Martyn

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Southsouthwest launched

Melbourne based design studio Southsouthwest website is launched

Brad Bird on Fostering Innovation

barrat_01.jpgThe Director at Pixar, Brad Bird answers some questions on creativity and innovation…

Brad Bird: When I entered Disney, it was like a classic Cadillac Phaeton that had been left out in the rain… The company’s thought process was not, “We have all this amazing machinery—how do we use it to make exciting things? We could go to Mars in this rocket ship!” It was, “We don’t understand Walt Disney at all. We don’t understand what he did. Let’s not screw it up. Let’s just preserve this rocket ship; going somewhere new in it might damage it.”

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Stereo Design Studio

Stereo are amplifying brands. A very nice execution of a flash portfolio site

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