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Mark Rubenstein Photography updates

Mark Rubenstein Photography updates. Most of Marks work is really stunning and I wish I could view it in real life, rather than a poxy flash site.

Lifelong Friendship Society updates

Updated portfolio works from Lifelong Friendship Society

Fox on-air design competition

For you motion graphic students and up and comers, Fox Sports has an on-air design competition (US residents only)

Nexus Productions

Some nice recent productions from Nexus Productions

Rod Hunt illustration

Rod Hunt is a London based Illustrator who has built a reputation for retro tinged Illustrations

Mac Music Video Again & Again

Apple Mac Music Video / Bird & the Bee: Again & Again
TUAW Interview: Filmmaker Dennis Liu

Guillaumit updates portfolio

Updates in illustration portfolio from Guillaumit

Matthew Newton – Made You Look


Matthew Newton is a Writer and Editor. He recently started writing a weekly column called Made You Look on his website. He interviews a new artist each week and features their art as part of the column.

Some really great articles like; Wilfridwood, or Zamak, or Noah Butkus, or I could go on.

What is RSS?

I’ve been syndicating content on Heavy Backpack for some time now. So I thought it was about time to explain RSS to the uninitiated, so you can keep track of the news and articles added regularly (but not always everyday) to the site.

If you’re a visual person, I’ve included a video explanation made by Common Craft explaining RSS in really simple terms.

If it’s better for you to read it, here’s my written explanation below.

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Zoom & Enhance

Also has been a while since a sweet Flash based folio site has been submitted, thanks Zoom & Enhance

Crafty Magazine

Crafty is an online magazine. Long time since one has been submitted to me

DixonBaxi for Sci Fi Channel

As part of their ongoing relationship with the Sci Fi Channel DixonBaxi has designed, directed and produced an atmospheric mood film on the theme of Sci Fi Movies. The ident is part of an overall Movies graphics package and an exciting development of our recent redesign for the channel.

Titled ‘Anything Can Happen‘ the 60sec film takes the viewer on a hyper condensed journey through live action, 3D, animation and hand crafted sequences generating the heart pounding energy of a film title sequence

They worked with Chris Hewitt who also has some behind the scene images on his site

Adidas Originals Left to Right Project

To celebrate and pay tribute to the iconic Superstar, adidas Originals produced a pair of giant, SUV-size exact replicas, down to the fire-hose shoe laces. Housed in separate studios, they invited friends and artists at Surface2Air (NYC) and Upper Playground (San Francisco) to celebrate their own originality by customizing these huge sneakers. YouTube Link

Piranha Bar

Here’s a recent spot for the Irish Times by Piranha Bar. The spots were animated by Simon Burke and Will Sharkey of Piranha Bar and directed by Gavin Kelly.

Alexander Pettersson motion graphics student

Nice showreel from Alexander motion graphics design student, soon to graduate from Hyper Island

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