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Josh Cochran

thum-josh.jpgName: Josh Cochran
What: illustrator
Company: Freelance
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Born: October 24, 1979
Looking at: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, Schulz and Peanuts by David Michaelis and Wired Magazine
Listening to: The Field, M83, The Dave Brubeck Quartet, Juno Soundtrack

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One Is the Loveliest Color

Five New Yorkers who wear only one colour all day, every day (and it’s not black)

Si Scott

thum-si.jpgName: Si Scott
What: Illustrator / Designer / Typographer
Company: Si Scott Studio
Location: Manchester / UK
Born: 06 / 09 / 77
Looking at: The Devil’s Disciples
Listening to: Interpol / Pharoahe Monche / Joy Division / Bjork / The Battles / The National / Radiohead / Eels

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Simon Hoegsberg

Simon Hoegsberg has added two more projects to his already fantastic photography portfolio “Dance Dance Dance” and “A Laborious Romance

Jakub Straka

Some solid graphic design work from Jakub Straka

War Design

War is a design practice based in Sydney. (I’m sure they named their studio purely to be able to say “The Art of War”. Nice.)


thum-lowman.jpgName: Lowman
What: Typographicartist
Company: Freelance and in collaboration with many great people
Location: The Hague. The Netherlands
Born: in The Hague on the 7th of July 1982
Looking at: Wad, Neo2, Neubau Modul, Code, FFFFound, TypeNeu, Tactile, Type-One
Listening to: dj Medhi, the Bamboos, Cleo Lane, Kid Sublime, The Wiseguys

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Kelvin – Colour Today


Imagine picking up all the books no your bookshelf and arranging them, not in alphabetical order, but by the colour of the cover or dust jacket. This is just how Kelvin arranges a collection of graphic works within it’s own covers.

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8 Great Business Web Designs

They are structured. They are professional without being stuffy. They communicate clearly. They are open and approachable. They have a distinct identity. They are 8 great business web designs.



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GTF – Graphic Thought Facility updates

London based Graphic Thought Facility updates

MyMiniCity Review


While researching a quirky idea I had about virtual real estate I stumbled across this curious little site. It seemed fun and creative and reminiscent of original Sim City. It’s called MyMiniCity. The premise is pretty simple, you or anyone starts a city by naming it (there’s no user accounts), and each visitor to the new city grows the population by one, as the city matures each direct visit to a city infrastructure link grows the infrastructure. That’s it. Then you watch the city evolve from town to metropolis. Ok, ok, the image shown above might not be how my little town of is right now, but who knows how an egotistical city named after yourself will mature? Some of the bigger ones I have found were LUEland in North America and FanaZ in France.

If you decide to start a city, leave a link in the comments and I’ll come visit. It’s a nice little arty game aside to your day that at least won’t consume all of your productivity like many of those other addictive web games can.

update: The city has reached a need for industry. Visit to help employment stay low.

update: The city has reached a need for Transpport. Visit to help peeps get around.

Benjamin Ruhe Photography

Photographer Benjamin Ruhe‘s new portfolio site is now live. (he used to run till lawyers for polaroid got involved)

Josh Vanover

thum-spaceknuckle.jpgName: Josh Vanover
What: illustrator, designer,etc
Location: Charlotte, NC USA
Born: 1982
Looking at: revisionaries: A DECADE OF ART IN TOKION, untitled no.8
Listening to: lets see…currently…radiohead, little brother, the national, wu-tang

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Well yes, NeoGeo is different, very different. I guess that’s why it’s labeled “A new edge to abstraction”.

Within the covers of NeoGeo can be found bold and striking use of colour and shapes on packaging, posters, interiors, brochures and more. This book is a showcase of how the basic building blocks of art and design can be used to eye popping dramatic effect. At best this book pushes the boundaries of modern abstraction with a contemporary edge coupled with intrigue. But, at times, some of the works are a mess of primitive shapes clumped together destined to age quickly as a fad.

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The Evolution of Tech Companies’ Logos

The Evolution of Tech Companies’ Logos via Neatorama

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