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Pixel icon cars


To fill the virtual garages of project Autokadabra, gui company TurboMilk have set about recreating pixel icon versions of some of the most popular cars.

Martin Nicolausson

Martin Nicolausson with a collage, illustration design feel

Keep or Lose ‘Share This’ Link

You may have noticed it at the bottom of every post. It was added a long, long time ago to be a handy feature to assist in social bookmarking or emailing to a friend. If it has proved useful, we should keep it. Otherwise I usually like to keep the site as uncluttered as possible.

It’s difficult for me to track whether it has been useful or not, so I’ll just ask flat out.

Should we lose the 'Share This' link at the bottom of posts?
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Edit: Well this post bombed out. An overwhelming reply of votes *sarcasm*. I realize that this polling app thing doesn’t work very well with feeds, which it seems is where most of you readers are at nowadays. me too. So anyway, I’ve got rid of “Share This” plugin for the time being.

Feltron Annual Report

The 2007 Feltron Annual Report

Letman’s Letters


Letman‘s letters are curious. His handmade style fits the boundaries of typography like a universe on itself by lashing out to illustration, graffiti and graphic design.

Letters are free entities to him. They are clear and cunning.

Tiziana Huag

Tiziana Huag is Swiss and blond and designing in NY

The Decapitator

The Decapitator strikes

yU+co titles design


yU+co has reccently completed several beautiful title sequences including Disney’s Enchanted and Bee Movie (see yU+co’s site)

Gaston Caba illustrator

Gaston Caba, freelance illustrator. Currently lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina

new synthesis

A new website on Visual Culture by James Widegren

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