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Karpaâ„¢ The work of David Carvalho

Karpaâ„¢ The work of David Carvalho

Alex Trochut


Alex Trochut is a freelance graphic designer from Barcelona who loves type and illustration.

Kromag 4 is released

Kromag 4 is released – a free pdf motion graphics magazine published by Kromotion, both in english and french

Beautiful/Decay t-shirts

Some new tees from Beautiful/Decay

New works from Richard Sarson

New works from Richard Sarson

art of Jeremiah Teipen

The art of Jeremiah Teipen

Bold and mostly geometric typography


If you have seen the font I created a few years back you would be able to tell that I’m a fan of The New(er) Typography: Counterless, Bold and mostly Geometric

Sanna Annukka illustration

iconic style illustration by Sanna Annukka

rubymag/arg : lala ladcani

rubymag/arg : lala ladcani

Dynamo Studio

Dynamo is a graphic design studio with Thibaud Tissot and Yassin Baggar


Babystacks! is Clayton S Crocker. One navigation button takes you to a random folio image

Mailer for Mayor Campaign Poster



In 1969 Norman Mailer ran for Mayor. In 2002 my grandfather (probably the most Mailer-like person I know) gave me an original copy of the campaign poster that he had squirreled away for 30+ years. A week or so ago, Mr. Mailer passed away, so it seems like the appropriate time to put this poster on the web, since I have never been able to find a copy online before.

Critical Mass Top 50 Photography Winners


Critical Mass Top 50 Photography Winners