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Design by Anthony Sheret at Lunch

Photoshop new logo

ps_logo_228x52.gifIf I hadn’t seen this on Adobe’s own site, then I wouldn’t have believed this article when I saw it.

“See what’s possible”? Looks like you can put every filter into a logo and aspire to the branding of Photoshop

15 Excellent Examples of web typography

15 Excellent Examples of web typography article


FRÉDÉRIC TACER has some nice bits of print, typography and photo and …

plats artists

Plats is a Swedish word meaning place or space. We are a community of artists set up to create, collaborate and promote.

Daisy Fletcher Illustration


Daisy studied Illustration at the University of Brighton, graduating in 1999 with First Class Honours. She went on to complete her MA in Communication Art and Design at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2002. Daisy has been working to establish herself as a freelance illustrator.

Stefan Narančić

shape collage illustration styling of Stefan Narančić

Snow Globes

Overwhelmingly intricate details that capture a moment in the snow. Walter Martin & Paloma Muñoz do more than mere snow globes

How to photgraph smoke


An interesting how-to article with a seasoned veteran of experimenting with smoke photography, Graham Jefferey of Sensitive Light

Screen cap software for mac

Some screen capture software for Mac. I use paparazzi to capture full browser window contents

Pixel Implosion

The Pixel Implosion is a small, Denver-based graphic factory. It’s so small that, in fact, Bobby Andersen is the sole employee