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Laundry tv


LAUNDRY just relaunched some new motion works to have a look at. They are a small motion
studio out of hollywood.

Danny Goldberg Design

Danny Goldberg Design specializes in boutique branding and art book design

Mrs. K broadcast design

“Here at Mrs. K, we specialize in the integration of live action with motion

HeY PreSto! works

illustrative design works by HeY PreSto!

The FSTOP magazine

The FSTOP is a new online magazine where people can see how some successful photographers
created their images

Q Collective

Q Collective is a visual communication and branding studio based in New York.

Graphic Define Magazine

Graphic Define Magazine is an online magazine focusing on the business of running a graphic, web, or interactive studio

ok.b 52

New work from OKB D&D in Portland

Showreel from Curt

Showreel of moving shapes and colour from Curt

Harvey Opgenorth


Harvey Opgenorth at Bodybuilder & Sportsman Gallery.
Born in San Francisco, 1977. Lives in Milwaukee.

New Logan

say hello to logan, again. site update for the moving image kings

Mate Steinforth


Mate Steinforth (born 1977 in Hannover) is a designer and director based in New York City. His current work is at PSYOP as a Designer includes doing styleframes for pitches and projects.

UT Grand Prix 2008


Uniqlo’s annual T-shirt design competition, known as “Creative Award” since 2004, is now re-named as “UT Grand Prix” from this year. Applications will be accepted from August 15.

Uniqlo’s “UT STORE HARAJUKU.” is a T-shirt specialty store, opened on Meiji St. in April 2007. “UT” is an iconic term for “Uniqlo T-shirt”, and therefore the “UT Grand Prix”.

Further info

Thomas Bernard


Just a warning. This site is a mess, a myspace mess and a beautiful mess. Works from Thomas Bernard.

MTV Latin America seeking Art Director

MTV Latin America is looking for an Art Director (on-air/off-air), based in Buenos Aires. Spanish is a must. Please send your resume, portfolio, reel to

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