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Steve Haslip

Steve Haslip is a 22 year old graphic designer who has just graduated from Central Saint Martins.

The Art of Andrew McAttee


Andrew McAttee – “My work draws influence from a wide variety of sources including graffiti art, comic book graphics, pop art and abstract expressionism.

The effect is a type of dreamlike comic pop.”

Dotmov Festival 2007

DOTMOV Festival 2007 is a digital film festival with an aim to discover talented creators and provide them with an opportunity to show their work. Submitted works throughout the world will be screened at Soso Cafe which is produced by an online magazine Shift for a month, from November 1st to 30th.

The deadline is on 20th of September.

Finish TV is a high end digital effects studio

Stubborn Sideburn

Extra-sweet updates at illustrator and designer Junichi Tsuneoka’s site Stubborn Sideburn

Demo Design updates

Justin Fines updates his illustrative design portfolio – Demo

Proud Creative


Proud Creative from London England.
Site by Tonne

Caroline de Vries

caroline_thum.jpgName: Caroline de Vries
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Location: London
Born: 12.02.77 in Paris
Looking at: Christian Boltanski and Joachim Schmid monographs for my essay (The generic nature of the vernacular portrait) Tate Etc. magazine.
Listening to: The Rakes, LCD Soundsystem

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Sony: HD Experiment


Wow, what an experiment for Sony HD.
Director: Pleix, Production: Blink, Agency: Fallon

Ian says hello


Ian says hello. His name is Ian Brown. He is a graphic designer. He is situated in Amsterdam, but also works in Oslo.


Beautiful/Decay has not only remained an independent publication, but has garnered a reputation for breaking never-before-seen artists, which I highly encourage.

Jessica Davis portfolio

Jessica Davis updated graphic design portfolio

Peter Funch Photography

Peter Funch Photography


Just thinking about all-time classics. Mondino photography.

Mark Hough

Mark Hough does moving image design from london

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