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onedotzero_select dvd5


onedotzero is an independent events and production company committed to innovative explorations in digital moving image. The fifth edition in the successful and influential onedotzero_select DVD series brings together the worlds most innovative talent in moving image, music video, motion graphics, and indie filmmaking from around the globe, confirming onedotzero’s position as the leading outlet for ground-breaking visual styles for over a decade. onedotzero is the leading outlet for contemporary moving image work in the UK.

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onesidezero is an output for experimental design and illustration.

The difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding

The difference between Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface has launched. A 30-inch interactive tabletop

a TWiN thing


I’ve been a fan of the twins for some time. They always do a great job of combining live action and visual fx to create imaginative narratives. Check out Jonathan’s latest spot for Wrigley’s Extra

Eli Horn

Recently updated portfolio of Vancouver-based artist, designer and student Eli Horn

Sanderson Bob update

New works by Sanderson Bob


Fageta is a graphic design studio based in Switzerland.

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