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somersault tv

..somersault design, vfx & cgi

China Heights Gallery

China Heights Gallery Surry Hills SYD

chris ede

chris ede illustration and graphic design from his graduation

Alex Fernandino

Alex Fernandino portifolio. He is brazilian designer based in Lisbon, Portugal

OK Creative


OK Creative is the portfolio of Matthew James. “love what I do and am passionate about good design. I offer intelligence and attention to detail, to deliver engaging and relevant design.”


Righttype is a typeface design project

The Graphic Graphic

The Graphic Graphic is graphic, containing graphics, and can be found at

Munetaka Tokuyama


Munetaka Tokuyama was born in Osaka and is now a practicing photographer in Brooklyn

Eulogy for Marissa Cooper


The next in the DIY zine promo is Eulogy for Marissa Cooper. Explained as “an unconventional exploration of the grieving process. A personal relationship between two individuals unfolds to reveal that there was really only one person to begin with.”

It basically shows a long haired lout holding people and, at times things, in his arms. To me, he is sharing fun experiences with others that seems far more poignant than typing away at a blog. In the end, he is holding up a person most important indeed.
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Photography by Jenaurich



Farewell Books is launched! The first release is MÃ¥rten Lange’s Woodland, a 44-page booklet about the chaotic beauty of nature, the beautiful nature
of chaos and, possibly, the natural chaos of beauty.

The laser printing doesn’t quite do justice to the detail that may have been found in the delicate woodland photography, but I do encourage and promote the DIY zine spirit, and always love getting lovingly crafted works in the mail.
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Brice Domingues

Freelance graphic designer Brice Domingues

Paul James

Paul James Design from Melbourne

Gondry & Gondry for HP


HP presents Michel Gondry’s special blend of experimentation and ideas in it’s new spot. Directed by Olivier Gondry, Agency: Goodby Silverstein & Partners
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