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National Television


National Television updates their folio.

Laura Laine

laura_thum.jpgName: Laura Laine
What: illustrator
Company: Freelance
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Born: October 7, 1983
Looking at: Metal magazine
Listening to: The Arcade Fire, Belle&Sebastian, The Tears, Siouxie and the Banshees

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The YouTube Video Awards 2006 winners

The YouTube Video Awards 2006 winners

Mulheres Barbadas illustration


Mulheres Barbadas is a collaborative illustration project by 2 brazilian designers, who take turns to try and fill up pages as much as possible with random doodles.


Irish designer’s personal portfolio relaunches Frankenstyles

Rob Cordiner

Rob Cordiner is an Australian born graphic designer with an affinity for typographic solutions.

smoke sculptures

Creative pictures made with smoke

pop machine i love you

I feel like I’m sitting next to the illustrator going through his book together

Heart Agency Artists


Great illustrators should be rewarded with commissioned work because they work from the Heart.

personal trainer business card

Great concept for a business card for a personal trainer

Red Interactive Agency

New site for Red Interactive Agency

Linda Zacks is extra-oomph

Linda Zacks is extra-oomph and has updated her illustration portfolio

Alex Bec graphic design

on graphic design Alex Bec says – “the eye is blind if the mind is absent”

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