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Eskimo Design


From a rooftop studio in Sydney, Eskimo specializes in art directing, designing and developing brands

Andy Smith illustration

Andy Smith has been busy with his special brand of illustration and typography

Jan Felix Kallwejt


Design and illustration portfolio by Jan Felix Kallwejt

new cubadust

new cubadust with further experiment into design and motion

yann le coroller

yann le coroller does predominantly motion graphics, but I thought some of his 3D was fun and UI Design interesting

ideas on ideas

Some good articles and commentary about ideas on ideas by the people at smashLAB


3ermundo design and animation began in Venezuala now in Barcelona

Eoin Stanley

Eoin Stanley, a graphic design student from Dublin

More Soon

More Soon is beautifully digital



BMW P.A.C.E – 3D by Electric Umbrella

The pursuit through Europe ( takes place in a
somehow kind of surreal but friendly parallel world. The special kind of
aesthetic of black and white water colour paintings, montaged and mapped onto
3D elements homogenises the mixture of film sequences and game animations. The
result is a PACE world, strange and familiar at the same time and somehow like
a cockaigne as it pairs up the finest illustrations with most advanced flash
programming technique. Most distinct in this sense seems the wonderful old
garage in which the user can upgrade his vehicle with the finest of BMW

QT Movie Link

Diogo Kalil

Diogo Kalil art direction and animation



Vänskap is a four designer art & communication agency offering graphic design, creative direction, motion graphics and illustration.

Vänskap was established in the summer of 2003. The two offices are located in Helsinki and Berlin.

James Jean


He’s so good, he’s currently not taking assignments. James Jean was educated at the School of Visual Arts in New York and earned his BFA in 2001. He currently lives in Los Angeles.

Steven Harrington National Forest update

Steven Harrington busted out an update on the National Forest site

The Preps

A 19 year old self-made graphic designer (also a law student)

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