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Mambo site re-launch


Big and colourful site launch for Australian fashion legends Mambo. Site design by Damien Aistrope. Some nice winter garments there too.

chris thompson – The Garden

portfolio of motion work from chris thompson



I wish this was a fully available and functioning site, but it’s only a preview. But, a preview into some nice photography. is an international platform for professional photography that is free to visit and free from advertisements. inpholio offers everyone professionally involved in photography a network to present their work to clients at less expense and to greater effect.


new Shuftimag, shot in Cape Town by Henrik Purienne, art directed
by Vast.

A New Way to Web

MIT Media Lab are behind this interesting way to web. Give a call and leave your message – online real time video discussion is on its way and this fun little interface is pointing towards how we may envisage it. Happy blogging !

Timo Schaedel is a Design Director

Timo Schaedel is a Design Director

Spoiled Milk

Spoiled Milk new website and portfolio

Gabriel Dietrich Motion Design

Motion Design and Animation by Gabriel Dietrich with works from the last 2 years, made mostly at Lobo



Loyalkaspar – We like making things.

“We’Â’ve made logos, promos, show opens, cards, shirts, typefaces, hats, end tags, magazine covers, posters and film titles, in no particular order of importance.”


LivDucci is an international art network company offering a full-service marketing & communication solution

sleeper studio

sleeper studio works by designer Edward Davis

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