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Lucas Blalock

elledroid_thum.jpgName: Lucas Blalock
What: photographer, visual artist
Company: freelance
Location: Carrboro, NC, USA
Born: September 23, 1978
Looking at: Cabinet Magazine, Vitamin Ph, Broken Screen: 26 Conversations w/ Doug Aitken
Listening to: Jay-Z, Deerhoof, Ennio Morricone

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Yokoland Studio website

Portfolio website for design studio Yokoland is up

4stroke design and animation studio

4stroke, a design and animation studio in Toronto, created a new animated on-air
look for Teletoon

Liron Damir music video for Sigur-Ros

Liron Damir created a music video for the band Sigur-Ros as part of his studies of Art and Design in Jerusalem.

chris haughton illustration

chris haughton‘s illustration portfolio

How to be a Camera Tosser


Ryan Gallagher has written this article – Camera Toss: Mini-HOWTO

The concept is extremely simple, and the following summary is probably even more detailed than it should be. Basically just take pictures while throwing your camera and use trial and error to hone your results. That being said there is a whole spectrum of directions you can take this. It is after all, a photography technique, and can be applied however you desire.

With a little practice you too can achieve results like these!
. . . and if you really get into it, you can join the Flickr Camera Toss Group

Jen Stark

Primary shapes and colours to the sculpture and drawing work of Jen Stark

The latest launch from Die Gestalten Verlag is now online!

Die Gestalten Verlag (dgv) proudly presents the launch of the new online store and platform for characters: Release The Freaks. Presenting an unparalleled collection of designer toys ranging from urban vinyl and plush to limited edition sculptures and objects created by the finest artists and designers from around the world, Release The Freaks is the premier destination for character art.

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Dominic Wilcox

Dominic Wilcox experiments, one off pieces and short run editions


The second wave of new addition to the popular THUNDERMUTT series is all set for February 22nd, at MUNKYKING MELROSE, 7308 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Dancemade design

Dancemade is the portfolio of Swedish designer Jens Nilsson

PDF Magazine collection is like a newsagent for online pdf magazines (I had an idea to do this a while ago, but I’m glad someone had the follow through to produce it)

Büro North Multidisciplinary Design

New website for Büro North, Multidisciplinary Design

Christa Klubert Photographers

Just go and spend all day browsing beautiful photography.

Michael Evangelista

eva_thum.jpgName: Michael Evangelista
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Location: Chicago, USA
Born: 1975
Looking at: Aperture, Surface, anything
Listening to: Modest Mouse, Pinback, The Make Up, American Analog Set, Mogwai, Broken Social Scene, Ratatat, Jose Gonzalez

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