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Firstborn Multimedia Real Space

Firstborn Multimedia’s Real Space is the place ideas that never usually see the light of day

Autopsy gallery

Jade Palmer, Darren Henderson and Andy Sargent are opening their new show of works on wood,
paper and canvas Dec. 14th at the Autopsy gallery from 6pm. I’ll be there.

Koichiro Tsujikawa likes Cornelius

Cornelius – Fit Song is the hilight of Koichiro Tsujikawa’s year in music video collaboration with Cornelius.

Koichiro Tsujikawa
Born 1972. His working career began as a designer designing record covers in 1993. In 1997 his love of music continued as he directed visuals for on stage production at live performances. He then got into promotional videos for Cornelius, Fumiya Fujii, UA, and commercials.

In 2006 he has been a very busy boy. Besides FIT SONG he completed BEEP IT, BREEZIN’, GUM and MUSIC all for Cornelius.


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Ray Harryhausen Creature List

Tribute to stop-motion master Ray Harryhausen. Groundbreaking visual effects designer Ray Harryhausen refined and elevated stop-motion animation to an art. His Dynamation technique of matting animated creatures into live-action settings revolutionized the use of stop-motion animation in visual effects. Get a complete list of his works complete with Quicktime tumbnails for your nostalgic viewing. link

Lost At E Minor

Lost At E Minor is a website and weekly email newsletter that sources out and features the best new illustration, photography, art and music from Australia and around the world.

EyeballNYC new spots

Some new spots for creative studio EyeballNYC is a project to try to find the prettiest image in the world, using voting and some algorithms. Top 40 images here

Sam Weber


Born in Alaska, Sam grew up in Deep River Ontario, Canada. After attending the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, he moved to New York to pursue illustration and attend graduate school at The School of Visual Arts. In addition to drawing, Sam works part time as assistant art director of the OpEd page at the New York Times, with senior art director Brian Rea. Current likes include Italian and Japanese comics, David Lynch movies, and hanging out with Jillian
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Design Project

Designers of the 44th D&AD Annual, Design Project are a graphic design consultancy from the UK

FooBar poster by eboy

New FooBar poster by eboy

it is blank

it is blank – a multi-disciplinary studio from Lithuania

Identity: Best of The Best 2006 (from Russia with love)

Identity is the first Russian magazine that covers the field of branding and commercial design. They have just released the results of the international contest of logos, trademarks and corporate identity Identity: Best of The Best 2006

Looking for logo types r u?

Designer “Yes, we need the logo in vector format before we can finish the brochure and go to print”
Client “What’s a vector? Can’t you just use the powerpoint version of the logo I sent you? We need to have this finished by the end of the week”
Designer “We can use that logo supplied, but the quality will be very low”
Client “ok, I’ll see if anyone can find it, I’m not sure if we have it.”

Sound familiar? Some times it is just quicker and more painless to look here first. It’s a website that has long been in the arsenal of many a time restricted designer. A massive archive of corporate logos that can be downloaded in vector or illustrator format. It’s long overdue that this was granted an archival page of it’s own. So for the record, bookmark logotypes.

And, it seems at least finally the Russians beat the Americans to something. Gaining in momentum is a similar site, where between the two, you should be able to find the brand you are looking for.


Big FM spot
Moving image design from Germany – AixSponza

Ten Metal update

new tenmetal website – folio of Paul Wagner

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