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GoodShapeDesign design and sell prints, t-shirts and posters

Stop motion on a blackboard

Following our news of stop motion on a whiteboard comes some xmas cheer with stop motion on a blackboard.

Reynaldo Vásquez

Fantastic Illustration styles on display at Reynaldo Vásquez’s personal portfolio :


Have a look at FICC’s latest online launch: ANTEPRIMA‘s site covering ad campaign’s, videos, clothing line and accessories.  Great photography to browse throughout.

Favourite book covers 2006

A list of favourite book covers for 2006

New design for Saks Fifth Avenue by Pentagram


A new identity designed by Pentagram for iconic New York retailer Saks Fifth Avenue launches on January 2, 2007. After the jump, partner Michael Bierut describes the process behind the development of an identity with more variations than there are electrons in the known universe.

Heiko Müller

art_dork_thum.jpgName: Heiko Müller
What: artist and designer
Collective: Art Dorks
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Born: January 13th 1968
Looking at: Beasts! (Fantagraphics), Darkening Garden (Payseur & Schmidt), Juxtapoz, Lodown, the new photos of my two sons
Listening to: Ty, R.A. The Rugged Man, Edan, Eric Dolphy, Archie Shepp, Neil Young, Beirut

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Rafael Sunen photos

Just some photos documenting the world around Rafael

Simon Hoegsberg Photography


Simon Hoegsberg says “Once in a while we see a person in the street who immediately attracts our attention. We are fascinated by the appearance of the person and feel a strong urge to walk over and say hi.”

Joan (female in above portrait) says “I don’t wear very much make-up, because I don’t think it’s attractive. I don’t want to show off the make-up I’m wearing, I want to show off my face because I am pleased with the way God made me.”

Lemonade update

Brand, Design, & Interactive describes Lemonade from Melbourne. New site for the 07 is up.


an art/design publication out of LA/NYC called Beautiful/Decay


A showcase of the work of UnitedVisualArtists. Video/ installation/ tour/ lighting/ promo/ design work.

Great video documentation for those of us that can’t physically be there. Direct video Link

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Regular Product

Adam Cruickshank illustrates Regular Product

Pirates of the Caribbean – The Show

Experience some behind the scenes insights to Pirates of the Caribbean 2

Make way for a great idea

While in a toy store a young girl spotted some play jewelry that caught her eye, a beautiful pearl necklace. She asked her mother to buy it for her, her mother said no, but said if she earned the two dollars that it cost, she would be able to buy it herself. So the following days the girl proceeded to find chores that could earn her some money.

She help her auntie with the cleaning, she got fifty cents. She helped her mum with cooking and got one dollar. Her brother helped her out with the final fifty cents as she helped him clean his bedroom. She eventually went back to the store to buy the plastic pearl necklace which she took home and cherished. It was her pride and joy. Many months passed as she treasured her favorite item, and apart from when taking a bath, she never removed them from her neck.

One evening her father was tucking her into bed and asked her if she loved him. She replied ‘yes’. Her father then asked if he could have her pearl necklace. She hesitated and said, ‘but I love my necklace so much, you can have my teddy bear if you want.’ Her father said okay, and left. The following week the father again asked her if she loved him, she said, ‘yes very much’. He then asked again if he could have her necklace. She clasped her necklace with concern, and said that he could have her doll collection. He said that was fine and left. Again the following week the father approached the girl. She replied, ‘yes I love you daddy’. He asked ‘Do you love me enough to give me your necklace?’, holding her necklace she shook her head ‘not my necklace daddy’.

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