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Mark El-khatib’s experiments with space

Mark El-khatib‘s experiments with space look like extreme versions of when my mum had to vacuum the bedroom.

Camille Rose Garcia

Interview with Camille Rose Garcia over at Crown Dozen

Zune Arts


Microsoft is doing everything right with marketing of Zune with Zune Arts. A large number of artists and designers have been commissioned by the main competitor to the ipod, to create works in the artists own style from still images to animation. When collated all together it creates a diverse range of fun, quirky, and bold images targeted directly at the character of their main consumers.

NB: Studio


Some great work on show over at NB: Studio. Browse…

OnVoiceOver article

There’s an article on me and how Heavy Backpack started over at OnVoiceOver.

Kiwi! Short film animation


Kiwi! is an animated short by Dony Permedi. It is cute, curious and surprisingly touching:

(Dony’s Link here)


design studio in Argentina superstudio has a reel to show


“Whether you come to us looking for a large number of huge pink and lime grenn polka dotted nonagons or a single small yellow circle, we will approach your project with the same passion” – Mr Sandersonbob updates

Blanket: uncovering designers + artists + photographers

new online magazine is looking for submissions

visit to find out how you can get uncovered!

Fabjanski among 200 best ad photographers worldwide

Updates on – a photographer presented in latest Luerzer’s Archive “200 best ad photographers worldwide”.

Adobe creative mind – wow

So go grab your coffee this morning, sit back and spend a good solid 30 minutes wandering around the latest creation by the people at adobe and Goodby Silverstein and Partners entitled Creative mind. For sure one of the better sites of the year.

deceiving pictures

Take a quick gander at some fun deceiving pictures

GVA Studio


GVA Studio is a consulting agency in design and communication, working for both private and institutional clients.

Director’s Commentary: Dael Oates on ‘Under the Cherry Tree’


Director Dael Oates of Animal Logic explains the process of creating the animated music video for Under the Cherry Tree by Australian band Telemetry Orchestra. is fresh. Philip Dam Roadley-Battin is young graphic-design student
from denmark

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