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How to be a born again designer

Some of the qualities that make an artist or designers work stand out amongst the crowd are attributes like originality, innovation, quality, technique and character. While searching for some of these qualities in individuals to feature on the site, one of the things I’ve noticed as similarities throughout the talented pool of profiles currently on Heavy Backpack is that, without my prior knowledge, most profiled are either self employed or available for freelance.

Although I don’t particularly believe this is a pre-requisite for the creation of great work, it has definitely presented itself as a running theme. Due to this being a web based platform, the bias in part should be put down to the nature of freelancing and the need to gather exposure and showcase an online portfolio to potential new prospects, but nevertheless, it is definitely a working and lifestyle environment which allows many to blossom to their creative potential. So why don’t more people do it? The transition into freelancing or starting a business from a full-time study or employment position can be daunting, and many find this a difficult step to make. I recently heard a short story which (although a little abstract) might help identify the situation for some people.

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Rick Mullarky

Beautiful interactive web design :

Staying Alive

Turnon TV brings you sexy, funny, dramatic and downright bizarre tv ads from some of the world’s most creative advertising agencies. The aim is to help us understand a bit more about the threat of AIDS and how to prevent it.

You Tell Us – Poll

This may prove a good way to democratically refine the site to your personal preference. So please vote or leave a comment if your particular wish was not included.

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Stopmotion on a Whiteboard

A music video for MINILOGUE was done with stopmotion on a whiteboard

Roxik digital toys

Roxik is a designer in Japan making digital toys for us to enjoy

Bitch Fight

58 new images from his latest show are up on the SHOK 1 site

new issue of WAG Magazine is up … tons of new content.  WAG is a collection of expressions, fascinations, art and energy.  WAG is also looking for contributions for their next update, submit your thoughts/interests on the contribute page.

Ruby on Rails

A better tomorrow : a social commerce platform built with Ruby on Rails, offering several Design Contests and an online shop where young up-coming designers can sell their stuff in their own Brandstores.  Nice site, nice idea.

new phirebrush

PhireBrush recently uploaded its 43′rd release!  Lots of talent and inspiration to browse.

Young Talent from Paris

Yves Geleyn is a graphic designer working in Paris. Beyond his many works in the domain, he has recently taken animation on and has already had one of his short films “Eclats de Suie” showcased at Onedotzero and Pictoplasma. Check out his ‘Work in Progress’ blog which documents his present work in animation. A fresh young talent with lots of great ideas.

Running Machine

Many of you seemed to enjoy the Kiwi! animation short posted previously, so I thought I’d post this one I also happened upon. It’s not quite as touching, but it is fun, funny and well animated.

Dowling Design


Dowling Design & Art Direction is an independent consultancy inspired by the art and craft of design. “We work closely with our clients to achieve solutions that are appropriate and engaging.”

WatchMe character design

WatchMe – character design from Argentina

Collin Holmes

Collin Holmes is a motion graphics freelancer out of NYC

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