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Julia Fullerton-Batten photography


It is for her personal work, that Julia Fullerton-Batten is getting a reputation in the field of fine art photography. A recent project is a series of images on teenage girls taken over the past three years. Earlier images in this series show girls involved in everyday leisure activities, at home, in the garden, at the swimming pool, or at the beach. Uniquely, for these shoots, Julia deliberately selected girls who are not professional models. (fullscreen pop-up warning)


The now 10 year old film festival pushing the boundries in digital and hybrid visual work, kicks off in Paris this week end :20-22 October 2006. ResFest at a cinema near you soon, check the tour schedules at:

talented visual designer Theo Gennitsakis

Updated portfolio of L.A. based designer Stephen Kelleher: frankenstyles

Bulk profile update

I’ve just done another upload of profiles from up to 3 years ago. Check out how things have (or haven’t) changed. (Why didn’t I realize it would take so long to transfer these profiles over to the new site? only another 30 or so to add)


A new blog has been set up by Semiconductor artists to document their
latest installation work entitled : Brilliant Noise.
Working in both Visual and Sound, Semiconductor create cutting -edge
performance and installation art that is at the forefront of contemporary
creation. For a short retrospective of their work check :


new demoreel and work up at Paul Cayrol’s CUBANHAZE


new site for Netherlands based graphic design studio Mainstudio

group show photography

every month they have a new group show including 24 new photographers

Patrick de Warren Photography


Patrick de Warren was born in Avignon and somehow didn’t hold a camera and
take his first picture until he was 25 years old.
His work is about light—expressing a reverence for the first photographic pioneers—all about using the sun, cheap lights from hardware stores , candle light to the latest lighting gear, mixtures of the manufactured and the natural, to make beauty.

Modefy is Mo Stoebe a director

Modefy is Mo Stoebe, a director and animator based in London.

Quick Links

In the inbox: Fashion Illustrator Sarah Hankinson, Portraits by Brooklyn artist David Kassan, experimental architecture from kokkugia,  and TRI-P is a project involving three peculiar characters -Globul, Gobal and Bubla. Each episode has its own particular treatment and a naive and simple approach.

The Vast Agency

From Leeds UK, The Vast Agency has updated some works in the sample portfolio

Kromag Magazine

Kromag First Issue, a PDF motion graphics magazine

Feliz illustration

Hand drawn illustration style of Feliz, and also the random drawn style at pandoracomplexa

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