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Mandarine24 launches their new website

Mandarine 24 announced today the launch of it’s new website. The design and programming was taken on by exo7, a Montreal based firm specialized in multimedia development and over the edge designs. The choice was obvious for Mandarine 24: “We wanted somebody who could represent our artistic aspirations” says Olivier Laberge, creative director at M24. “The Mandarine 24 and exo7 universes are not far appart. From the start, both companies had mutual respect and confidence, and we hope that the new site represents the desire to have fun while
working, which is shared by both our teams. It was a real joy to work on this project” adds Maya Rioux
of exo7. We invite you all to visit our new website at:

Hubert Jocham type

Hubert Jocham has new website and the new typeface shop

Sofie Hannibal

Sofie Hannibal is quirky with pencils and paper

Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela Designer / Director

Jaime Álvarez Sobreviela is a Madrid based freelance Designer / Director. His
work evolves around Art Direction, Direction, Broadcast. and personal projects.

Jacob Langvad photography


Photographer Jacob Langvad has a new website (fullscreen warning)

Karin Berndl photographer


Turpin & Kloss now represent Karin Berndl (photographer)

Dominic Wilcox

One Chance

Be sure to check out the work, ideas and experiments of Dominic Wilcox
– ‘the Bee’s Knees‘…

dotBoom puppet show

dotBoom is a puppet show about web designers

Mario Hugo site update


Although Profiled earlier this year, Mario has an updated site, new works, and is freelancing now. The navigation is so simple and clever, and the works bring humanity, curiosity and intrigue back to design.

Emily Keegin

Photographer Emily Keegin, born in 1980, live and works in Brookly NY.

Ronan McDonnell designer

Ronan McDonnell is a freelance designer based in Dublin, Ireland. I am also part of an art collective

Motion Designer (NYC)

The Adspace Mall Network ( is looking for a
talented motion designer in the New York City area.

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Ottawa based Analogue recently relaunched a crisp new site

Previous profiles reloaded

Pheeew. The previous profiles posted are the very first twelve posted on Heavy Backpack in 2001 (when the site was entirely Flash based). Now that most significant previous content has been uploaded to the new system, I can start thinking about lots more new goodies to add.

Hanazuki studio

niko stumpo lets me know they just finished some new works their studio/store – Hanazuki

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