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Some nice illustrators

I have always wondered who was doing the covers for the Vertigo series called Fables. I came across two of the artists responsible here . . . James Jean is one of them. The other goes by the name Process Recess. Enjoy.

Vince Frost


Born in England and raised in Canada, Vince Frost joined Pentagram London in 1989 and just three years later was their youngest Associate at 27. In 1994 he started his own studio, Frost Design, creating award-winning work for clients from The Independent newspaper to Nike. Read the rest of this entry »

dirty rear window art

A bit better than a “Wash Me” tag on the back of your dirty rear window.

making scanner darkly ny times

A little bit of an insight to the making of Scanner Darkly (from NY Times)

Motion +61 DVD


— This product is no longer available —

Heavy Backpack is proud to present the premier release of Motion+61. Included on this convention breaking DVD is a collection of work from some of today’s leading creative talent in broadcast, motion graphics, animation, film and effects; all working in the Australian industry. Each piece under 10 minutes, and each perfectly constructed to captivate the imagination.

Dform1, Digital Pictures Iloura, Engine, Everyday Okay, Mathematics, Qing Huang, Square i, The Glue Society.
20 works in all, check out a sample preview movie.

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wddg new site

New site for WDDG (World Domination Design Group) is coming soon

Siggi Eggertsson has updated his site with a new look and recent work

Process as creation


Graphic design works / You can also ask by mail free fonts / Have a look @_@ /

Hand Graphic Design

Mark would be grateful if I gave him a Hand in promoting his graphic design practice in Dubai.

A lot of new video work from Daniel Eskils, though it’s worth going through his older illustration and graphic design work as well


Welcome to ETCHED IN TIME, each work is created on an Etch-A-Sketch that take between 60-70 hours to complete!

Maki design holland

MAKI is a small design and illustration studio in Holland.

sex in art

Sex in Art Blog. (not work safe!)

psst pass it on animation

The “Psst! Pass It On…” project was created to promote the work of
exceptional designers, directors, and animators in a non-competetive process
that embodies a spirit of fun, collaboration and respect. “We love motion
graphics. We hope it shows.”


They have some super nice and varied work going on

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