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Shilo have a new montage reel for 2006

Umeric always on point!

Exclusive photos from the NYC Apple Store — Open 24/7

Emiliano Granado

204_image1.jpgWhat: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: NYC
Birth (age): 29
Looking at: My computer screen. Constantly
Listening to: Lots!

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Jeffrey Docherty

thum30.jpgName: Jeffrey Docherty
What: Creative
Company: Freelance
Where: NYC
Born/ Age: 1979
Looking at: Blindspot, BIG & Frieze
Listening to: Solaa, Charles Wright, The Roots

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Michael C. Place

thum2.jpgName: Michael C. Place
What: Graphic designer
Company: Build
Where: Physical: London. Mentally: North Yorkshire.
Born/ Age: 1103760000 seconds.
Looking at: Letraset, Macro-Typography, Photography, Numbers, Die-Cuts, Minimalism, Maximalism, De-Constructing my World.
Listening to: Deadbeat, EPO, System, August Engkilde and 2001 A Space Odyssey Soundtrack.

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Graham Roumieu

rou_thum.jpgName: Graham Roumieu
What: Illustrator, Writer
Company: Roumieu Inc.
Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Born/ Age: September 26, 1978
Looking at: Rats: Observations on the History and Habitat of Manhattan’s Most Unwanted Inhabitants
Listening to: Smog, This American Life

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Robert Carter

carter_thum.jpgName: Robert Carter
What: Illustrator
Company: Freelance
Where: Baden, Ontario Canada
Born/ Age: May 1st 1973
Looking at: Three day Road
Listening to: Alarm will Sound, Puncture Vine, The Arcade Fire, M83

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