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Mac Guff

guff.jpgMac Guff is an award winning digital production studio dedicated to the design and execution of cutting edge visual effects and character animation.

Mac Guff in essence is a rare and special place: where collaborative diversity becomes a catalyst for creation; where the overall talent exceeds the sum of the individuals, and a place where creative minds are comfortable to share their visions and to develop their concepts.


Eduardo Bertone

eduardo_bert_thum.jpgName: Eduardo Bertone
What: Graphic designer / Illustrator
Company: Freelance
Where: Madrid / spain
Age: 28
Looking at: Funksțrung Isolation Remix Project / Funksțrung РK7! Recods РDGV Die Gestalten Verlag
Listening to: Medeski Martin & Wood (Combustication), James Taylor Quartet, Flanger, Dauerfisch, Tarwater, looper, Sparklehorses, Grandaddy, weezer, David Holmes, Portishead, Jay Jay Johanson (Whiskey)…

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yokoland graphic designYoung Norwegian designers Aslak Gurholt Rønsen and Espen Friberg, who have been collaborating on projects since they met in high school at the age of 16, inhabit Yokoland. Together they create design, illustration and art that are idyllic, humorous and poetic without ever being mawkish some of which has been featured in Hidden Track. Being one of the most inventive design studios of today, Yokoland skillfully blends their Scandinavian approach to design into their work melding elegant humor and human touch, exploring new ways of creating graphic design solutions to stunning effect.

This book takes you on their adventures and features the best of Yokoland’s work containing a range of their as yet relatively unknown work that brings different styles and surprising contrasts in a highly original way. Yokoland’s distinctive design can be aptly summarized by their record label’s company slogan: “We’re so underground that we’re almost in China”. Read the rest of this entry »

Disorder in Progress

disorder in progress graphic design bookFollowing on the success of Brasil Inspired, Disorder in Progress digs deeper into Brazil to present a compelling overview of the diversity and vigor of Brazilian visual culture. Brazil is a country of incomparable cultural diversity and brash contradictions. While Brasil Inspired featured vivid inspirations of Brazil, Disorder in Progress shows the mixed reality and adopts the motto of the national flag “Ordem e Progresso”.

Initiated by Brazilian designer Nando Costa (editor of Brasil Inspired and a key contemporary Brazilian designer) this book compiles original works by both unknown and internationally renowned designers. Violence, hardship and national tensions ranging from bureaucracy to large scale political corruption all conspire to provide a complex raw material. The work showcased in Disorder in Progress is simultaneously exquisite, refined, polished, attractive, elegant, fine, subtle and striking. Read the rest of this entry »