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Mark Verhaagen

mark_ver_thum.jpgName: Mark Verhaagen
What: Illustrator
Company: Freelance
Where: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Born/ Age: 28
Looking at: Michel Gondry dvd
Listening to: the radio

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The Attik

attik.jpgThinkers, creatives and exceptional individuals at every level, we are brand engineers. We guide and are guided by the big world. This is our small world.

Soon after graduating from Batley School of Art in 1986, Simon Needham and James Sommerville together founded ATTIK in their hometown of Huddersfield, England. With a grant from the Prince’s Trust and a good deal of ambition, James and Simon set up shop in an attic bedroom in the house of James’ grandmother – the very room the company would be named after. They bought themselves the then-revolutionary Apple Mac and set about evolving the design sensibility that would eventually gain them a trip to Buckingham Palace.


Reece Hobbins

reece_hob_thum.jpgName: Reece Hobbins
What: Artist, Illustrator, Designer, Fashion-Designer
Company: freelance, Sire of Tate
Where: Alberta, Canada
Born/ Age: 25
Looking at: tune, fruits, tokyo graffiti
Listening to: trespassers william, knife, monoland

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fab_thum.jpgName: fabjan
What: photographer
Company: freelance (represented by PhotoBy)
Where: Vienna, Austria / Lodz, Poland
Born/ Age: 06.03.80
Looking at: WAD, .Copy, Style and the family tunes, Indie Go,Neo 2
Listening to: silent period…

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Jacob Langvad

jaclang_thum.jpgName: Jacob Langvad
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: London / Copenhagen
Born/ Age: 28
Looking at: Haruki Murakami
Listening to: Interpol, The Departure, Bob Dylan

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