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Jay Epperson

jay_epp_thum.jpgName: Jay Epperson
What: illustrator, painter
Company: freelance
Where: sarasota, fl
Born/ Age: 21
Looking at: everything i can.
Listening to: Pearl Jam, Blind Melon, Tool, Jack Johnson, Foo Fighters, etc

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Anoush Abrar

anoush_thum.jpgName: Anoush Abrar
What: photographer
Company: Currently with Aimée Hoving
Where: Lausanne/Switzerland
Born/ Age: 28
Looking at: W magazine, Regeneration Book…
Listening to: Hip-Hop & RnB

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Jemma Gura

18_thum.jpgName: Jemma Gura
What: Art director, designer
Company: Sans Nom
Where: The Midwest
Age: 31
Looking at: Bruno Monguzzi, A Designer’s Perspective
Listening to:

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Francois Fleury

francois_thum.jpgName: Francois Fleury
What: Photographer
Company: Freelance
Where: Paris, France
Born/ Age: 27
Looking at: Book (Imaginaire Taleban) Exibition (Arles 2005)
Listening to: Metric, Nina Simone, Skip James, The Herbaliser, Harriet Tubman..

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Motion Theory

motion_theory.jpgMotion Theory creates at the convergence of filmmaking, design, animation, and visual effects. The company’s live-action directors, designers, animators, and artists shepherd projects from concept development through final delivery, fostering in-depth creative partnerships with clients, and resulting in a wide range of memorable, inventive work.